About us

Elatec Card and Security Solutions GmbH (Elatec CSS GmbH) is an international group headquartered in Munich, Germany.

Our History

In 1988, Elatec GmbH was founded by two private shareholders from Munich, Germany. At that time, Elatec GmbH had it’s focus on the distribution of Electronic components (such as displays, touch screens and embedded PCs) in Eastern Europe.

In 1990 Elatec GmbH started with the new business unit Card Solutions for the mobile sector consisting of  distribution of Telecom products such as SIM Cards plus packaging and Scratch Cards which has been drastically hanged since that time. Elatec has ahieved SAS certification as manufacturer and solution provider for MNO’s and MVNO’s.

In 2003 Elatec bought the company AndroDat GmbH in Germany and started successful activities in the RFID sector with own developed and manufactured RFID reader devices which are successfully certified all over the world and used by all leading printer manufactures who are integrating our RFID readers.


Elatec GmbH signed 2004 a long-term partnership as First Line Distributor with Gemalto (formerly Gemplus), world leader in Digital security which indicated the start with another sector called Security Solutions

Our engagement in different fields, our flexibility and commitment to our clients positioned Elatec GmbH in different vertical markets and thus we established local companies in Europe and Worldwide.

This massive company growth has led us to establish a new strategic company structure in 2003., forming three separated departments under the Elatec Group: one of those were called Card and Security Solutions (CSS).

After acquisition by German Investors in 2015., Elatec Card and Security Solutions department was placed under ELA Holding umbrella and by today, Elatec Card and Security Solutions GmbH (Elatec CSS GmbH) operates as independent company.

Our vision and ambition: Adaptable to Your needs, enabling Your success

Adaptable. To your needs. This is the vision that has made our company, Elatec CSS, a successful partner to global and local brands on all continents.  Moreover, we continually update and expand our extensive product portfolio to ensure you find the very best match to your requirements.  Our team of experts are always ready to help you design, create and implement the ideal solution or product. This is our commitment based on our experience throughout almost 3 decades for delivery  and  fulfillment  of  exceptional  results for our customers. Our ambition: Your success.

Helping You Deploy Smart Technologies and Trusted Digital Services Successfully

Our Card Solutions division is specialized in manufacturing and supplying customized and different (U)SIM, eUICC and M2M products with different form factors as well as the corresponding solutions. The Card Solutions division is providing you off the shelf as well as customized products and different technology for the telecom market and of course all kind of banking payment cards and the packaging for banking (EMV contact and dual interface cards, EMV personalization, PIN mailers, letters) We’re delivering as well loyalty, authentication, membership, identification and communication applications.

With our capacities and state of the art technologies we ensure supply of reliable data storage, tamper-resistant security and extremely durable cards. Rest assured, that will always make the right impression on your customers.

Our Security Solutions division is specialized in providing strong authentication and encryption solution specific to customer needs and their information network environment, following the market trends with support of the world leaders in Digital security market.

Having knowledge in physical access protection technologies and working personally in accordance to high security standards, we can provide authentication and encryption solution proposal to our customers taking into consideration all aspects of customer network and daily operations: bring data protection in life of each customer and at same time achieve the best user experience.

Our Clients, Partners, Markets

Our history placed us into position to be able serving clients from different market fields. A vast client base resulted in our high-quality services for many verticals like telecom, banks, governments, public institutions, certificate authorities, cloud service providers and many other enterprises, regardless of whether enterprise is small, medium or large.

Elatec supports IT’S own partner network and join efforts together with partner to deliver the best solution for our clients. Our partners have their own expertise, specific to region, market field and partner’s solution itself. Through our channel we can deliver right solution to any client and therefore provide excellent local support.

Our clients and partners can have trust in us

Building trust and maintaining close relationship with our clients is a result of right people working for Elatec as well as being certified by important certification entities, which approved Elatec as company able to maintain customers data in highly SECURE manner.

In 2016. Elatec d.o.o., the Elatec CSS subsidiary, became one of 8 GSMA certified sites in Europe, and one of 29 worldwide and got certified for superior financial performance by LRCBIS.

In 2008 Elatec d.o.o obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification and successfully established Personalization and Packaging manufacturer center.


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