Payment cards present a modern, fast and safe way to carry out payment services in a very simple way. With a large number of ATMs and POS terminals around the world Payment cards offer many advantages (fast and easy payment, no need for cash, currency exchange, etc..). With continuous efforts on high security level and Personal Data protection, Payment card usage has become more and more popular for people of all ages. In today’s market a large number of Payment cards are available.

Payment cards are divided into the categories listed below:

Magnetic stripe cards

Elatec Magnetic Stripe card products are classified as LoCo and HiCo products according to coercivity. LoCo Magnetic stripe products are in accordance with ISO/IEC 7811-2 with coercivity range 250-700, known as LoCo Magnetic Stripe card product...

EMV Debit and Credit cards

In an effort to increase and expand the ways a card can be used, VISA and MasterCard jointly developed the EMV Standard for chip based payment cards. These cards bring a dramatic increase in security and functionality. With a high level of security for cardholders data protection, payment credentials and card based applications- making it impossible to extract information and create a counterfeit card...

Dual interface cards

More and more markets around the world are adopting contactless payment technology. Due to contactless payment the average payment time is reduced comparing with cash. Fast transaction together with less cash handling enable merchants to improve their overall efficiency, lower operational cost and attract new customers...