Encryption products


Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are dedicated systems that physically and logically secure cryptographic keys and cryptographic processing.

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide life-cycle management of cryptographic keys used to lock and unlock access to digitized information. Privacy strength of encrypted information is determined by the sophistication of the encryption algorithm and the security of the cryptographic keys.

The most sophisticated encryption algorithm is compromised by weak cryptographic key security.

Life-cycle management of cryptographic keys includes generation, distribution, rotation, storage, termination, and archival. HSM offer cryptographic processing which produces the dual benefits of isolating and offloading cryptographic processing from application servers.

HSMs are available in two forms:
  • Standalone network-attached appliances, and
  • Hardware cards that plug into existing network-attached systems.

In both cases, important is to consider HSM vendor who has wide integrated Eco System – technology partner list, showing specific applications, which are already integrated with HSM and whose digitalized information can be instantly protected. Explore HSM integrations on this link: https://safenet.gemalto.com/partners/technology-partner-search/

In the coming years, HSMs will become increasingly important in powering data protection applications. Today, organizations are deploying access control and encryption technologies to achieve compliance with industry standards—namely PCI DSS and data privacy regulations. As this area of the market matures, the security of these solutions will be held to increasingly higher standards. For example, there will be increased demand for certification with such security standards as PCI-HSM, FIPS 140 Level 3, and Common Criteria EAL 4. This demand for certification—and the high price of achieving compliance certification internally—will drive the increased deployment of HSM technologies in data protection applications.

SafeNet Network HSM

SafeNet Network HSM – formerly SafNet Luna SA – is award-winning General purpose Hardware Security Module. As a network-attached hardware security module (HSM), SafeNet Network HSM can be easily integrated into a wide range of applications...

SafeNet PCIe HSM

SafeNet PCIe HSM – formerly Luna PCI-E – is fast and secure cryptographic accelerator card designed for authentication, signing and key Issuance, ideal for use as an embedded HSM in servers or appliances.


SafeNet USB HSM – formerly Luna G5 is a small form factor HSM that is widely used by governments, financial institutions and large enterprises as a hardware cryptographic root of trust for data....

SafeNet ProtectServer Customizeable HSM

SafeNet ProtectServer Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated HSM, provide hardware security for Servers, Java and Web Applications by protecting cryptographic keys...