NFC (Near Field Communication) is currently a major trend all around the world. This is coming with the use of the mobile phone as a universal tool, able to get us connected to social networks, browse internet, run third party applications and focusing all our messaging activities: mail, SMS, MMS and instant messaging.

NFC in mobile phones brings new services to customer in their mobile universal tool: payment, public transport, ticketing, loyalty and so on. With the massive launch of NFC enable mobile devices, mobile operators have a huge opportunity to be part of an end user behavior revolution.

Some NFC applications require the usage of a very secure environment and the SIM Card is the obvious device to provide and manage a secure element (SE): Fully standardized and supported by industry bodies, the SIM embedded secure element is the undisputed component of a mass market deployed mobile contactless payment solution. Combining technology and market expertize, Elatec contributes to make NFC accessible to all the market in the world.

Elatec, which has been working in the NFC field for years, is able to deliver the cutting edge NFC SIM card: SWP, EAL5+, GP 2.2.

The SIM embedded secure element (SE) will host applications from different service providers (SP), each of them with their own security equirements. Elatec NFC SIM card supports Global Platform 2.2 and allows each service provider to run their applications in a secure and independent environment into the SE.

TRUSTED SERVICE MANAGER Elatec is providing Trusted Service Management Platform (TSM) either in SAAS mode or in a license mode. The TSM is used to create security domains for SP, loading keys, loading applications, and finally administrate the overall lifecycle of NFC Applications. This TSM is market proof,as it is currently used in live by major players in the mobile market. Oasis is ready to support local pilots, with SIM Cards, applications and TSM if required.

NFC Sim cards

Near Field Communication (NFC) and Mobile Banking are step by step finding an increasing number of users. In this market, both mobile operators and final users need strong secured mobile technologies....

NFC Stickers

Elatec Card Solutions offers as well the NFC Sticker which is electronically & graphically personalized with or without the EMV® certification together with welcome letters or carriers for the NFC stickers for banks or telecom operators...