As a supplier of scratch cards with long-term experience, we are the right partner for you when it comes down to flexibility, fast delivery, cards with various features, etc.

Our scratch vouchers are available as cardboard card or PVC card in different shapes and sizes in a variety of thickness. Among the many different types of features required by network operators, there are:

  • Light blocker to prevent PIN number revealed by heavy light
  • UV feature to make sure the card is a genuine one
  • Various types of scratch labels made from different material
  • Printed scratch labels
  • Overlap print on scratch label to increase security
  • Microprint on card
  • Thermal reactive ink
  • Antiphotocopy varnish

Card packaging (cellophane wrapper) can include overprint, with a security seal. The card packaging can also include leaflets if required. The scratch cards can be also included in a pre-paid SIM package.

Security: Scratch Card personalisation is the most sensitive part of the production. In this production phase all sensitive and variable data as PIN, serial numbers and expiry date are printed onto the scratch card using our high resolution ink-jet printers. Special cameras also control the validity of all variable data on the card. Scratch Cards go through laboratory tests as early as possible in the preparation and designing stages. Final quality control tests come after production.

ISO standard

Elatec focuses on the production of scratch cards, i. e. mobile telephony top up cards. Millions of produced cards for foreign markets prove their high quality, convenient prices and quick delivery. Conceptual designs of scratch cards can be proposed by clients, but they can also be constructed from the beginning by our creative team at Elatec...

Multi PIN

In addition to classical ISO standard cards, Elatec also produces multi-PIN cards or cards containing more than one PIN, whose popularity has been growing among operators all over. Multi PIN cards represent a new product development focusing on markets with a high demand of cards with small denominations...