Backend Telecom Solutions

eSIM / eUICC and Subscription Management Solution Provider

Multiple configurations. One chip. Powering the Internet of Things.

An Embedded SIM has the same functionality as a removable SIM card, but in a different form factor (called „MFF2“ and is fully standardised by ETSI). lt is a chip designed to be permanently soldered into a connected device. An Embedded UICC (eUICC) is an advanced chip platform capable of connecting any kind of device to any type of mobile networks which also conforms to the GSM Association eUICC architecture.


  • “Remote Provisioning allows me to change my mobile number right? So it’s Multi-IMSI?” No. Remote provisioning is nothing like Multi-IMSI.
  • There are entirely separate components protecting all stakeholders. The entire “electrical profile” is sent OTA from the MNO via a secure router(SR)
  • Web based portal allows users to “Reprogram” the SIMs in their devices and actively manage which connectivity provider they want to use.
  • eSIMs give the ultimate flexibility to both OEMs and end users by providing Freedom to select from multiple connectivity providers.

The Pain We Solve for OEMs & IoT Stakeholders

  • Operators want to be able to add eSIM devices to their networks.
  • Size matters. Embedding SIM OS either in an MFF2
  • Improves customer lifetime value for OEMs and IoT vendors with after-sales connected services
  • eSIM eliminates impractical swap of SIMs when switching providers
  • Devices don’t come auto connected out-of-the-box

We are delivering:

  • Remote provisioning solutions
  • Bespoke Consumer and IoT eSIM operating systems, supporting servers & professional services
  • OTA server platforms