Backend Telecom Solutions


ota-platformElatec’s OTA Server is designed to provide a simple way to manage SIM cards already deployed in the market.
It provides Mobile Network Operators with the ability to update most of the data elements on the SIM card Over-The- Air.

All SIM cards managed by the OTA Server are supplied on the platform.
The current status of the set-up of any SIM card managed by the OTA Server is available instantly to the operator.

Advanced OTA manages and delivers connectivity to all devices and secure elements with the utmost efficiency, whatever the channel (SMS, http or both) or network technology. This enhanced solution enables mobile operators to benefit from the rapid http world on any channel. It opens up a new realm of services that deliver use cases such as NFC, M2M, Multimedia, and Network offload.

The solution enables you to get:

  • High Reliability – for mission-critical application and subscription management
  • Security – for the open IP world
  • Success rate – on UICCs or devices with polling mechanisms automatic update
  • Performance – with intelligent mass management of dynamic update


Benefits for end-users:

  • Faster access to content and applications due to higher bandwidth
  • Seamless activation of new services
  • Access to dependable services

For operators:

  • A high performance platform: High success rate and availability enabling carrier grade SLA
  • Scalable and future-proof platform: Flexible deployments and service evolution
  • A convenient platform : Ease of use, intuitive and smart
  • Addressing multiple devices and secure elements: With the most efficent channel (SMS, HTTPs)
  • Opening up to various services: NFC, M2M, Mobile TV,…
  • Providing security for sensitive uses: With the highest levels of security