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After many years, we can finally claim that the Near Field Communication (NFC) revolution is underway. According to a recent survey from Juniper, NFC payments will represent 74 billion US dollars by 2015, driven essentially by all contactless projects under deployment around the world.

Besides, Gartner estimates that 50% of smartphones will have NFC capability by 2015. In a few years from now, paying with phones shall be as natural as paying with cards. Indeed, NFC opens the door to a new shopping experience and enables consumers to enjoy the speed, convenience and security of mobile NFC payments. The familiar, always-with-me mobile phone is turning into the key to faster transactions and smoother travel.

NFC is opening a vast array of business opportunities to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), banks and other service providers. Indeed, NFC allows MNOs to expand beyond voice and data and to generate additional revenues with innovative and intuitive NFC services. For banks, NFC represents a new channel to enhance the relationships with their customers and drive usage of mobile services like mobile banking and remote mobile payment. Retailers and transports companies can also benefit from the NFC revolution. Merchants can take advantage from a reduction of the cash handling costs and the usage of mobile phones as a new marketing channel for loyalty programs, while transports companies can improve their customer ticketing experience thanks to NFC. How can MNOs and service providers make the most of NFC opportunities? How can they make this multi-player business flourish?

Elatec CSS helps them in doing so, by positioning itself as a reliable enabler of secure NFC services: the Trusted Service Manager (TSM). Indeed, through its 360° NFC offer, Elatec’s TSM is connecting MNOs with banks, retailers and transports companies. Elatec’s offer is composed of the MNO TSM that is designed for MNOs to easily integrate and connect service providers’ services, and of the SP TSM that is used individually by service providers to manage and distribute their NFC applications directly on their customers’ mobile phones. Elatec’s offer also encompasses a secure NFC mobile wallet that supports remote and proximity payments, mobile banking, transport ticketing, and many other services. This secure NFC mobile wallet allows easy on-the-fly customization and seamless porting on a broad number of devices. Finally, Elatec CSS provides the secure elements including SIM cards which are certified by payment schemes. Elatec CSS: your best partner for NFC services deployments At Elatec CSS, we create solutions to support our customers in this new mobile-connected world. Elatec has a unique advantage with over 20 years of experience in financial and mobile security and provides a full NFC offer ranging from secure element to TSM service platform.