Telecom and Mobile


Elatec is meeting all your needs with a wide range of shapes and form factors of SIM Cards as well as different technology, size and security features all in accordance with your requirements. Elatec can provide full production, personalisation for SIM Cards, fulfillment and distribution services for clients all under one roof. The customer doesn’t need to worry about managing multiple vendors to ship your cards to different locations for processing.

Nowadays, with a complete SIM card portfolio users can make payments with a SIM card, use it as a ticket or coupon, securely download multimedia files or make bank transactions. And who knows what future applications will develop into around this versatile and continually evolving technology.

For 2 decades Elatec has been successfully supplying SIM cards to the telecommunications market and is continuously developing new SIM solutions and services. Our comprehensive portfolio includes the very latest SIM products and offers customers whatever they need for a solution tailored to their individual requirements.