Elatec the best Gemalto 1st Line EMEA partner

Elatec awarded by Gemalto for extensive progress on German speaking market (D-A-CH region)

Elatec as a key distributor of Gemalto for 16 countries in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe has recently been awarded for the 2nd time after 2013 as Best Gemalto 1st Line EMEA partner for 2014 for Gemalto’s Identity and Access Products and Solutions. This award makes us feel confident, that Elatec serves it’s many channel partners in this large region in the right way to achieve this success and to increase their success. We feel very motivated to improve our activities and efforts for our value added distribution of Gemalto products and solutions to our broad channel network. Elatec’s appreciation is also expressed to Gemalto for their excellent support and to Elatec’s channel partners for their contribution to this joint success.
Gemalto’s acquisition of Safenet leverages the importance of this award.

Gemalto is the world leader in digital security products and solutions. Elatec as a key distributor of Gemalto is focused on Identity and Access Management area for corporates and public entities. They typically deploy Gemalto cryptographic products such as employee smart cards for digital and physical access, along with smart card readers or smart tokens and solutions such as card management systems for life cycle management of the card or token products. The strong authentication scope of technology can start with OTP products and solutions for remote access and can range to Biometry and secure PIN Pad devices as a high end security.

As a service provider Elatec adds customization and fulfillment to Gemalto products such as logo branding on the devices and customized packaging of the devices (kits containing cards and readers or tokens). Strong in providing solutions with SIM and USIM for telecom operators, Elatec is able to offer consultancy services of complete mobile eco-system, having expertise from different perspectives of using all kinds of secure elements (Smart card Micro SD, USIM, embedded element, NFC technology,…) for more and more present strong authentication by the most used device today – mobile phone.

Among the many reputable clients of Elatec and it’s broad network of channel partners there are Banks, Telecom Operators, Pharmaceutical Companies, Petrol Companies, Media Companies and Public Sector entities such as Ministries (Justice, Labor, Internal Affairs), Secret Services, Civil Aviation Authorities, as well as new market’s verticals as automotive industry , Certificate Authorities services and compliance to many different audits requirements, by deploying products in accordance to well-known security standards with high assurance levels (full Protection Profile for Secure Signature creation device)…